I offer vocal coaching and lessons for singers of all stripes!  My relaxed approach includes lots of laughter as you explore your amazing instrument.

Rates are  regularly $15/half-hour session/ $20 for 45 minutes

Group rates and coaching are also available, on request.

My studio is now in my heritage house on A Avenue close to JVH


  •  meet specific goals:  goals might include wanting to build a wider range and  more power on upper notes (falsetto in men).  You may want to develop a certain style  of singing – from the  traditional Royal Conservatory classical training to Jazz, Broadway, Folk and Pop.  I am passionate about helping you develop your own unique voice that is authentic to you as an individual no matter what vocal genres you embrace as a musican.
  • learn to colour your voice with a vocal palette like that of an artist:  lights and darks , sexy, growly, thin or full, open or covered….. vocal colours are the tools for expressing emotion. Expand your tehnical kit and you expand your ability to communicate with your audience.
  • build your  basic music theory skills so you can both read and write  music – I know, I know, but if you want respect know your stuff!!
  • prepare for auditions or get feedback and coaching for your  band or group preparing to record or perform. I have an excellent ear for textures, balance and dynamics and I have a gift for drawing out your emotions and teaching you to use your voice to convey what you want to express when you perform.
  • Want to look good on stage? I can help with that too!


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