Welcome to Kuimba – a Swahili word meaning we will sing!

Kuimba, founded by Karen Behn, is a community choir based in Kaslo, BC that performs music from a wide variety of styles and eras, ranging from popular songs to world music to Renaissance repertoire. 2018/19 will be our the 8th season!

Kuimba gives singers a chance to get out and have a wonderful time singing great music from around the world.  The repertoire is carefully selected and will challenge and inspire us.  The only requirements are that you can hold a tune and match pitch.  We perform both a capella  and with piano, drums,  flute and other instruments.

We welcome new members for the coming season! Your voice technique and musicality will grow as we sing and laugh together. Please contact Tamara SunSong (sunsonghealing@yahoo.ca ~ 250-353-3284) if you have any questions or are interested in singing. No previous training is required – just a willingness to show up, to practice when needed, and to love making music.

Most rehearsals are on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 pm at St Andrews Church Hall, with once-a-month Sunday afternoon rehearsals from 4-6 pm (no rehearsal the 3rd Wednesday of the month).  St. Andrews is on the main road into town next to Barren’s Fish and Tackle. It is a large wooden building painted white. Rehearsals are already underway for the 2018/19 season, with a concert planned for early May. Experienced singers may still join beginning in January.

Kuimba founder Karen Behn is retiring from directing the choir this year, passing the mantle to Tamara SunSong, who joined her in co-directing the June 2016 Kuimba concert. We hope to continue Karen’s legacy of joy and inspiration in making gorgeous, fun, high quality music.

The choir fee is a sliding scale of $15 – $30 per month (accommodations can be made if this is a hardship) which covers things like the church rental, music, advertising etc., as well as a small stipend for the choir director.

Please bring a sharp pencil and a black binder, and arrive a few minutes early…thank you all!!

Tamara SunSong

11 thoughts on “KUIMBA CHOIR

  1. Hi Karen,
    It’s Trish, I would love to join your choir. I am available most evenings except for Thursdays. I’m so excited that you are starting it! (Just thought I’d let you know that Kaslo is spelled wrong on your lesson page 🙂
    #1 Tues.
    #2 Wed.

  2. Hi Karen Hey great walk and talk! thanks! For me Tues, Wed, Thurs are best. Dan said he prefers Tues or Thurs. Thanks for getting going with this. Shelley

  3. HI Karen: I’m excited to hear about a new choir starting in Kaslo – I”l be there Wednesday at 7:00pm. I have a pretty busy schedule and that is a really good time for me. I could play piano but I’d rather sing. We can brainstorm about who could play piano.

  4. Hi Karen,
    I am very interested, and plan to be there in Wednesday, right after yoga class (although I may need to eat dinner between songs!). Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the evenings that work for me (Tuesday preferred, due to yoga class)

  5. Hi Karen,

    I very much would like to get into a regular singing group with you and will come on Wednesday, though I may be a bit late due to another commitment.

  6. I’ve just heard about your choir and would love to join, but Im not here year round–would you be willing to accept me part of the time? I hope so..


  7. Hello Karen, The Fables song “Feller From Fortune” would be a very fun song to sing. They have a video of it if you goggle.

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