What is Music For?

In my time as a music teacher, I’ve met far too many people who used to play piano or other instruments — who took lessons as children and were so put off by the experience that they haven’t touched the instrument since.  For me, the point of making music is enjoyment and expression… to learn more about who we are and what the world is by exploring pattern through sound, through our own bodies.  Learning new skills and increasing proficiency are important tools, which can help us to share what’s meaningful for us through the medium of sound.  We may choose to perform for others, but to begin with, we make music for ourselves, because we love it.

I currently offer individual lessons in voice, piano, ear training and music theory. My normal rate is $40/hr, with piano lessons ranging from 30-60 minutes in length and voice lessons typically at least 45 minutes long. I’m also open to consider group lessons, discounts, and/or other forms of exchange if the usual rate is unaffordable or there would be a better way to meet your needs and interests.

As a singing teacher, I love to support each student in experiencing the beauty and power of their own voice — to help you to sing more like yourself. This usually means offering help with the universal breathing techniques that underlie all musical and vocal styles, and enable increased freedom, power, clarity, and accuracy in singing, as well as helping you get more in touch with music that you love, whatever that may be, while building musical skills.

Students often have additional goals of their own, including for example learning to sight-sing from written scores or to transcribe music that they hear, learning to improvise and to compose songs, or learning to harmonize with others; I’m also happy to offer support with any of these skills, or just to have fun being in the moment and supporting you in learning to sing songs you love.

You can find out more about my approach to teaching on my own website, at music.tamarasunsong.ca. Give me a call at 250-353-3284, or send an email to sunsonghealing@yahoo.ca if you’re curious or have any questions!