The cost of this year’s workshop will be $500.00 which includes the Tuesday cruise and barbecue aboard the Ariadne from Kaslo Shipyards — a 52 foot fishing and cruising boat.

Please advise me early if you need to modify your payment arrangements so that we can hold that price for you.  Please contact me if you would really like to attend but the cost is prohibitive.  In addition to the variety of accommodations available in and around Kaslo, we have some billeting available at $30.00 per night.

Registrations received after June 30th will pay $525.00.

If, for some reason, you have cancel, please let me know asap.  A $50.00 cancellation fee will be applied to your registration.



One thought on “FEES AND UPDATES

  1. Karen the fee for 2016 is 500 but on the 2016 registration it says 450. I sent and email to Eva at her Joyful noise choral website to invite her to stay at my home during the workshop. Not sure if that is the best way to contact her?

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